Welcome to the Los Angeles Falcons Family

You can now register your athlete ONLINE! Follow the steps below to experience a sport that will last you and your athlete a lifetime!

***Registration for the 2024 Track & Field Season is OPEN***

New Athlete Registration Cost

All new athletes are required to purchase a warm-up suit. Additional athletes must be from the same family.

First Athlete ($200) + Warm-Up Suit ($65): $265

Each additional athlete receives a $10 discount
Second Athlete+ ($190) + Warm-Up Suit ($65): $255

Returning Athlete Registration Costs

Returning athletes may re-use their warm-up suit or purchase a new one for $65. Additional athletes must be from the same family.

No Warm-Up Suit
First Athlete: $200

Each additional athlete receives a $10 discount
Second Athlete+: $190

Deadline is MARCH 9, 2024 by 8:00 PM - - - NO EXCEPTIONS

Online Registration Process

Step 1: Register your athlete(s) using the ATHLETE REGISTRATION FORM

Step 2: At the end of the application, a confirmation email will be sent to an email address you designate and you will be given the following choices:

  • Register another athlete (this will refresh your form so that you can enter additional athletes)
  • Proceed to parent registration and checkout (you must complete the Athlete Registration From BEFORE completing this step)

Step 3: Open the PARENT REGISTRATION FORM provided at the end of the Athlete Registration Form, use the link in the email confirmation of your athlete's registration or CLICK HERE to access the form.

Step 4: Complete your payment via Credit Card

Step 5: Check your email for information regarding our first practice!

We look forward to having you a part of our Falcon Family!