Order of Events

Below is the order of track and field events for all REGULAR track meets. Invitational competitions do not apply.

Running Events

Start times are approximate. The meet may run faster or slower.

3000m Run8:30 AM
Hurdles9:00 AM
4x100m Relay9:15 AM
1500m Run10:15 AM
400m Run11:15 AM
100m Dash12:00 PM
800m Run1:00 PM
200m Dash1:45 PM
4x400m Relay2:00 PM

Field Events

Field events start at 8:30 AM and follow the schedule below.

High JumpLong JumpShot Put
Bantam G/BSub-Gremlin G/BYouth B/G
Midget G/BGremlin G/BIntermediate/Young G/B
Youth G/BIntermediate/Young B/GBantam G/B
Intermediate G/BMidget G/BMidget G/B
Young W/MYouth G/B
Bantam G/B

G - Girls, B - Boys, W - Women, M - Men